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Electra Condos (Columbia neighborhood)
Total units: 248
More Pictures Below
Unit types: 1 & 2 bedroom condos & townhouses
Number of Floors: 43
Square Footage: 709 - 1,837
Approximate price range: $400,000 - $2,000,000
HOA fees: $800 - $850
Amenities: The Electra condos offer an atrium styled social lounge with 60 foot ceiling & skylight, business center, private meeting room, gym, 24-hour concierge pool, spa, sauna, steam room barbeque, 5th floor roof deck outdoor fireplace lounge & garden.
Year Built: 2008
Annual turnover %: 9.7
Price change prior year: -2.5%
Price change from 3 years ago: +4.2%
Map: » Click here
Other: There are six condos per floor at Electra on floors 5-30, five per floor on floors 31-39 and three per floor on floors 40-43.
On floors 5-30 the SW corner is the XX01 unit, the XX02 faces directly west, XX03 is the NW corner, the XX04 is the NE corner, the XX05 is the East facing unit and the XX06 is the SE corner.
This is currently the tallest residential tower in downtown.

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Units facing these directions will probably see:
West: Units facing West in the Electra condos look directly into the Pacific Gate high rise condos, but can look to either side of that tower and have some bay views. In 2017, construction should start on several new buildings planned to go up on the Broadway Complex lot, which currently has 3 eight story 1950ish Navy buildings, those are all coming down and will be replaced taller buildings. Appears the SW location in the Electra condo building is the safest of the West facing views.
North: The North view from the Electra condominiums is a skyline view of other office and condo buildings. You can see all the way up to La Jolla in the view corridors, as there are not a lot of obstructions beyond the buildings a block or two away.
East: The East view from Electra is again a skyline view. Note there is an office tower directly across the street going East that obstructs the direct East view and the NE. Units on the very South end of Electra are out far enough to see around the office tower. Units in the North side of Electra will look directly into the office tower.
South: This is the most sought after view in the Electra condos as it’s a great panoramic view of the downtown skyline and the bay. Its will be the least obstructed view once all the proposed construction is over.
Note: These views may change in the future or if you are on a very low floor may not have any view. Each buyer should verify on their own. Above statements are only one man’s opinion and are not guaranteed to be accurate.

700 West E Street

Walker’s Paradise

Explore Marina on Walk Score

Summary of resident reviews. Rating and Review Disclosure
Below is a summary of all the reviews provided by the residents living in this property. Rating scale is from one to five stars.
  Poor      Avg      Best
Average rating starstarstarstarhalf star
Relaxed feeling of home starstarstarstarstar
Views starstarstarstarstar
Noiseless inside starstarstarstar
Proximity to shopping/restaurants starstarstarstar
Security starstarstarstarstar
Concierge/Doorman starstarstarstarstar
Pool starstarstarstar
Exercise facilities starstarstarstar
Parking starstarstarstarhalf star
Maintenance starstarstarstarstar
HOA effectiveness starstarstarstarhalf star
Quality of construction starstarstarstarhalf star
Like the most: Residents of the Electra condos conveyed to me that they are very impressed with the quality of construction both inside the units as well as the common areas of the building. This was a very common comment in the results. A lot of praise was also given for the staff working at Electra, especially the front desk staff (which I can attest to). Several comments were made on the great location of the building.

A lot of residents raved about the 60’ tall atrium styled social lounge which I am guessing is about 6,000 sf. This room with its glass domed ceiling and large windows is a preserved and reinvented space from the structures prior use housing an electrical generating plant. Opulent, elegant and beautiful were some words residents used to describe the room.
Like the least: Electra condo residents expressed to me they are not happy about the noise made from the freight train horns. Many said they are looking forward to the implementation on the upcoming quiet zone that will eliminate or minimize the train horns (ask me for details). A few expressed that while not happy with the high HOA fees, you are getting your monies worth. Some residents do not like the 01 floor plan found on floors 5-28. (I think its mainly because of the den, ask me about how some residents have modified and improved this floor plan.
Other comments: One very interesting commonality to the Electra condo survey results were a lot of residents saying they looked at a lot of buildings in San Diego before buying here at Electra. Most buyers do shop around but the residents who purchased here commented that this building won “hands down” over all the other choices and they are “100%” satisfied living here.

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